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You found me – Welcome! I’m Sam (Zhimin), a multi-disciplinary designer, founder and business owner based in Melbourne, Australia. My communications, business and design background have given me an creator’s perspective that is pragmatic and strategy-focused.

The way I approach life is in observation and intention. This approach has become my ethos and guiding principle in my web development and copywriting business, Sincere Copy. I design and write for heart-led founders and business owners, helping them to clarify their message, create meaningful connections and amplify their mission.

I am inspired by the beauty of creative expression and strive to thrive in this crazy world. Heartbreaks and setbacks abound, let’s celebrate and commiserate together.

If you're wondering...

I have two homelands.

I’m a website developer and (copy) writer based in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in Malaysia and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2009.

My family.

I live with my husband, son and a lovely dog, Luna.

Favourite Books

Atomic Habit. Anything Trent Dalton. 

Star sign

Capricorn sun. Sagittarius Moon.

Human design

Manifesting Generator 1/3

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Finding Joy

My quest to find joy in the everyday life.