Hi there, I'm Sam.

web designer and (Copy) writer with a creative and empathic approach to work.

I help brands craft beautiful and intentional websites to nurture meaningful connections.


You found me – Welcome! I’m a multi-disciplinary designer, founder and business owner. My communications, business and design background have given me an creator’s perspective that is pragmatic and strategy-focused.

The way I approach life is in observation and intention. With an appreciation for wellness, design, words and creativity, this is my life documented as I am submerged in it all. Starting as a personal project to collect visual inspiration (and the odd cooking recipes), ‘Samantha Chua’ is the source for business, design, writing, wellbeing and motherhood.

Inspired by the beauty of creative expression, I fused all that I love into a visual and written outlet. Welcome to my creative outlet and authentic journal to share my life.

Creativity // Joy // Authenticity // Purpose //

“Writing and design work together in perfect harmony, with neither overshadowing the other, to tell a truly exceptional and intentional story.”

samanthachua woman drinking tea and reading book

Finding Joy

My quest to find joy in the everyday life.


Brand identity // Brand Strategy // Copywriting // Graphic Design // Website Design